Minnesota Wind Energy.

Pete recently had the privilege of shooting and editing this :15 second spot featuring the Minnesota Wind Energy farms in South Eastern Minnesota.

Click to view video.

Sustainable energy is big business these days as more states are taking advantage of this valuable sustainable commodity with wind turbines that dot the landscape. Each one of them creates up to 5.2 million KWh annually which is enough electricity to power nearly 600 homes. This green alternative to fossil fuels, while still more expensive, is Earth friendly and goes a long way to improving our planet’s environment.

1:00 Sports Demo Reel from Pure Protein Shoot

Here is a compilation of video taken from the spots I recently directed for Pure Protein.

Client:  Pure Protein

Agency:   Moosylvania

Director:  Pete Barrett   www.petebarrett.com

Cinematographer:  David Hall  www.iphotoinc.com

Editor:  Emily Mitchell    www.filmsaboutfamily.com

Shooting with the Moose and Pure Protein

Just wrapped an awesome shoot with St Louis based Moosylvania and Pure Protein!   We spent the better part of a week in production shooting a series of 5 print ads and 5 commercials for Pure Protein to be released in the coming months.     I can’t show anything just yet but we did some killer stuff!   Shooting all sports and active lifestyle.    Great clients and a fantastic crew,   Thanks everyone!   Images and footage to come as soon as I can show them.

Aqua Zumba

Just wrapped a quick second shoot for Zumba ZLife Magazine shooting their Aqua Zumba fitness in the pool.    If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s a heck of a workout.    It was a fun shoot.   We started out above water with this shot (below) and when the rain moved in on us we weather proofed our strobes and went under water and did some fun shots below the surface.


Update:    While we were shooting this assignment the client had a video guy doing a little behind the scenes shoot.   Check it out here.


L.E.D. Snowboarding Video

The spray of the snow, the snaking curves, the pure white backdrop … watching a pro snowboarder glide effortlessly down a mountain pass can be mesmerizing. But when you add a dark night, L.E.D. lighting and a fashion photographer, it can be art.

Surrealist pop culture photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton joined pro snowboarder William Hughes on the slopes of Tignes in the Rhone-Alpes region of southeast France with a Red Epic camera, an L.E.D.-bejeweled snowsuit and, according to Nowness.com, plenty of vin rouge to keep Hughes warm during those three icy nights. The result is something so stunning, it makes you wonder why the Winter X Games are ever held in daylight.

Sutton wanted Hughes to be the only light source in the short film. Although the lights are wrapped around his suit, when Hughes tears into the snow, he’s seems to be glowing from within. Perhaps that’s just the magic of good French wine.

The Dark Side of the Lens

As I am making my way into the world of motion I find myself searching for inspiration and find, like in any medium, there are some very talented folks out there doing really great work. I will post a few here under the “Inspiration” categories from time to time. Check out this very cool video by Director Mickey Smith.

Dark Side of the Lens
Director- Mickey Smith
DP- Mickey Smith and Allan Wilson
Produced by Astray Films

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Shinya Kimura

This is a video directed by Henrik Hansen and DP’ed by Adam Richards.   Great direction, beautifully shot and cut.   This documentary was one of 5 films nominated for the 2010 Vimeo Awards.

I actually had the pleasure of working alongside Henrik on a job for Saatchi & Saatchi for Lenovo computers a few weeks back.   Henrik Directed the TV commercial and I shot the still photos for the ad campaign.   My team and I worked in a collaborative effort alongside Henrik and the motion crew for two days then shot a day of just stills.   Great shoot.   I have to say that working alongside Henrik was really a pleasure.   I have worked with my share of directors in the past and at times it can be a trying experience.   In some instances the stills crew is often looked at as a nuisance and treated as such.   Small cog in a larger machine so to speak.   I, however,  am very good at finding ways to work within their crews and respect their protocols and get what I need without getting in their way.

Fortunately working with Henrik was much easier.   He recognized that we are all there to work toward a common goal and gave me access that we needed on their set and we got some really great stuff together.   We were actually able to return the favor on our print day when they needed to shoot some extra footage.   I love when everyone comes together with a collaborative spirit and works together.   It’s the way it should be.

Check out this film that Henrik directed.   It is really nice.

Shinya Kimura from Adam Richards on Vimeo.

Timefest… and a peek at the future Kessler time lapse system

Check out this video

For those that want to see more behind the scenes – and a PEAK AT THE NEXT GENERATION of time lapse tools from Kessler Crane – here you go! The new system will allow you to control focus, zoom, and iris! (along with the dolly/crane and pan/tilt head that are currently part of the existing system.)



Kessler TimeFest 2011: Behind The Scenes from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.