Family Party

Here’s another series of images from the Sunrise Senior Living shoot.    This one was a series from a multigenerational get together.    The elder woman featured in the center is one of the residents and is a spry 96 years old who seems to have the energy and stamina of someone 20 years younger.    She and her gracious family were very generous with time volunteering to be in this shot and later dancing up a storm in a party by the pool! Many thanks to them and my great crew.

Card Sharks.

We just wrapped a two day shoot for Sunrise Senior Living for their advertising and collateral materials.     We had the opportunity to shoot a large group of really great seniors who seem to be loving life in their golden years.      Here are just a few images from the card playing shots we did.    These folks love their card games.    It is serious business for some.    Some never go a day without playing.

Final New Balance Ads

As promised here are the final ads for New Balance. We shot these both in Miami. Had a great time working with the folks at Mullen on this one. Special thanks to Scott at Small Dog imageworks for rocking out on the post work again for us! Check out Scott’s Work at

Also special thanks to the guys at HG Productions for doing another great job producing this one! If you have not worked with them, give them a call. They rock out on productions and really make you shine!

New Balance

We’ve been chosen by Mullen LHC to shoot two ads for New Balance. Just wrapped up shooting on Friday and now in Post world. For these ads we are teaming up again with Scott Dorman from Smalldog Imageworks. Can’t show anything yet as the ads do not come out for a few months. Here’s a hint though…. The images have sneakers in them. 😉

Update:  The ads are out!  Click here to see the final ads.

Miami GMCVB. (Miami Tourism)

Just completed another shoot for Turkel Advertising for the Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau.     Continuing last year’s campaign.    Shot 3 more ads for them for this year.   Knee deep in retouching as we speak.  Cool stuff!!  Will show the work as soon as I can release it.
Update:   The ads are out.   Here are two of  the most recent shots

On The Road To Success.

We did a shoot recently for MyBusiness Magazine. The story was of a young entrepreneur named Jay Shectman. He is a smart high school kid who started his own tutoring business and ended up turning it into a successful company with many young tutors working for him. When I met him he was already setting his sights on his next company. Pretty impressive to see someone so young who just “get’s it”.

On the road to success!

Gotta Little Captain In You?

So some may ask, “What do you guys do all summer up there in Maine?” Well how about dressing a guy up in a pirate outfit and pulling him on water skis behind a plane? Sounds perfectly safe right? Had some fun the other day shooting Adam Gardner getting his “Captain on” for the Captain Morgan “get a little Captain in you” promo.

Step 1: Get a boat that goes really fast.
Step 2: find a pilot willing to break a few rules.
Step 3: find a guy willing to be dragged behind a plane.
Step 4: Add a few shots of Captain and make magic! Fun stuff.

Going Retro…

So after 9 years of shooting digital I started getting an itch to do something different.     I remembered with fondness the days of shooting with my Fuji GX 680 and getting that large format feel and the latitude and richness of shooting neg film…

I know… shooting film!   Madness right?    Well call me a glutton for punishment but its just something I had to do.    First of all,  good luck finding a lab that still processes c-41 in a dip & dunk machine.   My old lab in Miami that I hadn’t visited since 2003 had just trashed 3 large Refrima film processing machines two days earlier.   Almost a million bucks to purchase originally were now worth nothing.   Seems we’ll be sending our film to NY to process.

After exploring several options I decided to get my hands on an an old Graflex Super D 4×5 SLR camera.   This is a quick film test we did the day after receiving the camera.   Just a quick shot of my son Jordan playing in a puddle.    I love how the depth of field drops off so quickly,  much like my old Fuji’s used to.   Plus it has this cool funky old feel to it.   Add a little bit of magic in post and it tweeks up nice.   Looking forward to doing some new personal work with it over the summer while up in Maine.