Dusty Road- Chevy Motion Project

Been working on shooting more motion stuff lately.    Here are a few sneak peek frame grabs of some new car stuff we shot a couple weeks back outside Park City, Utah of a Chevy Duramax Diesel driving on some dusty roads in the valley for a social media project.     Stay tuned for the final edit in the coming month.




Heli Shot over the Everglades

Did some heli work shooting Airboats in the Everglades the other day for VISIT FLORIDA shooting stills for a print and for a TV campaign. Here’s a series of production stills of us making a low pass over the airboat shooting for TV.

Gotta give props to our PJ pilot from Cameracopters! Those guys know how to fly. Earlier in the day we were hovering over a 38 foot cabin cruiser on the ocean going about 40 miles per hour and we were so close I got hit by some of the bow spray from the boat!
Fun Stuff!