Aqua Zumba

Just wrapped a quick second shoot for Zumba ZLife Magazine shooting their Aqua Zumba fitness in the pool.    If you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s a heck of a workout.    It was a fun shoot.   We started out above water with this shot (below) and when the rain moved in on us we weather proofed our strobes and went under water and did some fun shots below the surface.


Update:    While we were shooting this assignment the client had a video guy doing a little behind the scenes shoot.   Check it out here.


Splash! – A Very Wet Look Behind the Scenes.

Here is a very wet look behind the scenes of a recent book shoot.

“Ok Mike,   Just walk out on that rock and look out over the water.  Try to look natural when the waves come up and splash.”        SPLASH!!!!     “That was perfect!    Mike?   Umm… Mike?”     ;-p

Seriously though,   Mike was not harmed in these photos,   While it may look like he was wiped out,   he actually braved the waves relatively unscathed.

We will  be posting the final images soon!  Stay tuned…

AtEdge Shoutout!

The folks at AtEdge gave us a shoutout recently by featuring me in their email mailer.     The exposure was great!  We saw a marked increase in web hits as people clicked through to my website and even got a few calls for potential work.   Thanks to Glen Serbin and the folks at AtEdge!

New Swimming Work

Recently spent a couple days shooting some new swimming stuff for the book and for stock.   Shot with model Raphael Hildebrand who we had worked with previously on the VisitFlorida campaign.   He has been a swimmer most of his life which was a plus as we did not have to educate him on proper technique and form… just give him a little direction and he nailed it.