Pete Barrett is a commercial advertising photographer based in both South Florida and New England.  Primarily a location shooter, Pete travels extensively shooting people, lifestyle, sports and destinations for a variety of national advertising clients,  as well as stock.

Some of these clients include: AT&T, Ford Motor Company, New Balance,  McDonalds, United Airlines, Kodak,  Miller Brewing Company, Cannondale, Budweiser, Corona, Merck Pharmaceuticals, State Farm Insurance, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines,  Pfizer, Shimano,  Florida Citrus Commission,  Travelers Insurance and more…  (See Client List page for complete list)

Pete’s work has won many awards, including numerous inclusions in Communication Arts Photography Annuals over the years,  The IPA Lucie Awards, PDN Photo and Self Promo Annuals and many others.  His work, both assignment and stock, has been featured in national and international campaigns and has appeared in many publications such as: Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Outside Magazine, Money, Golf Magazine, People, Conde Nast Traveler, Communication Arts, Archive Magazine, & Photo District News (PDN).

Known for his ability to work with people and also being a master manipulator of the pixels, Pete portrays both a sense of reality and captures the energy of the moment in a way that is very real and believable.   His company, Barrett Advertising Photography Inc. is a “full service operation” by definition. Pete, along with an experienced team of professionals, has the ability and expertise to handle all of the production from start to finish so his clients do not have to.

Ask Pete and he’ll tell you, “Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we have taken care of ALL the details, so that they can come to our shoot and actually have fun and enjoy the experience… instead of worrying about the production.   We handle everything… from casting agents and talent booking, caterers, RV’s, scouting locations, hiring of all crew, permitting, animal handlers etc… You name it, we get it done. We’ll even arrange the client’s travel and transportation so they don’t have to.  We only work with the very best people, resulting in productions that come off without a hitch.”

Regardless of the size of the production, large or small Pete and his crew apply the same meticulous attention to detail, service and creativity. This consistent level of high production value, and the creativity that Pete and his team bring to every shoot, has resulted in many happy and loyal clients who repeatedly come back to work with him on many different shoots and campaigns throughout the years.

Pete is heavily involved in the continued education and development of professional business practices amongst his peers in the photographic community. Recognized as an authority on the subject, Pete has been a featured speaker on numerous panel discussions talking about the business of licensing images, the business of digital imaging, and general photography business ethics.