New Balance

We’ve been chosen by Mullen LHC to shoot two ads for New Balance. Just wrapped up shooting on Friday and now in Post world. For these ads we are teaming up again with Scott Dorman from Smalldog Imageworks. Can’t show anything yet as the ads do not come out for a few months. Here’s a hint though…. The images have sneakers in them. 😉

Update:  The ads are out!  Click here to see the final ads.

The Hard Facts About How Copyright Works.


You cannot use copyrighted imagery without permission.   Period.   Or else…


Please understand the spirit in which the following information is given:  Long experience tells us that our customers are completely scrupulous about adhering to the copyright conventions, and we make no assumptions to the contrary. Continue reading

Here Lies Photo Fred, Lost His Business, Now He’s Dead

“Here Lies Photo Fred.  Lost his business,  Now he’s dead.”

A bit extreme?  Perhaps… but strangely appropriate in the last few years’ economic climate for many businesses,  not just photography.    I have been asked many times over the years what it takes to run a successful photo business and how photographers charge for their services and the use of their images.  What determines the value of your images and how do you go about licensing them and charging for that?  While much has changed throughout recent years,  some basic tenants remain the same.  I find that by following certain rules and pricing accordingly,  I can keep my destiny from going in the direction that ol’ Fred had. Continue reading