Road Trip Anyone?

All sorts of new and exciting things happening in the Barrett Camp these days!     We have been busier than ever with a new extended ongoing travel project.    Some of you may already be following us on our adventure, via Facebook and Instagram (follow me on Instagram @petebarrettphoto) but for the rest of you that don’t yet know,  here’s what we’re up to…

Hit the roadIt’s no secret that I love to travel and I am fortunate that I have a great career that very often finds me traveling to shoot photos for great clients all across the country as well as elsewhere in the world.    My wife also shares that passion for travel and several years ago she planted the seed for an idea of getting an RV and traveling all over the country with the family.    Something everyone would love to do at one point in their lives but for someone with a busy career and a family,  it seemed like a “pie in the sky” idea to me at first.    I have to credit her with being persistent and the more I considered it the more it started sounding not only do-able but also an amazing opportunity to shoot a TON of new work all over the country which also goes a long way toward giving me new and exciting things to promote for new upcoming assignment work.

Well after what seems like forever and lots of hard logistical work putting it together,  what started out as just a dream has transformed into a reality.     We (myself and the whole family in tow) have hit the road and are currently touring the country on an extended journey shooting stills and filming video across the US (and hopefully Canada down the road).

We saw this as an amazing opportunity to travel and shoot all over the country and we are taking it.   I bought a killer 43 foot fifth wheel toy hauler RV,   a big Chevy Silverado 3500 Diesel Dually truck (I call her ‘Bertha”) to tow it and a little teeny tiny car that we lovingly refer to is either ‘The Speck’  or ‘The Toad’ for a runabout.   It’s all quite a production but if you know me you wouldn’t expect anything less.    I’m kind of a “go big or go home” kind of guy.

Suffice to say we have been super busy over the last month shooting new work in between assignments which have had me traveling to other parts of the country while the family has been busy home schooling and enjoying the rv adventure.  We will be posting updates soon to tell you how it is going.   I’m also working on growing my Instagram so please follow me on Instagram   @PeteBarrettPhoto   Or click here to be directed right to it!

Stay tuned…