The World Without Photoshop – iPad App

I was recently honored to be included as one of the 1st Photographers in the new iPad Application “The World Without Photoshop”. It is a cool new interactive iPad book that features the work of a dozen artists and is also celebrating the 20th year anniversary of Adobe Photoshop.

There has been a great response, so far the app has been downloaded over 1,700 times since releasing 2 days ago. You can mouse over transitions to see the progression of an image build and also see little video interviews. It’s pretty cool. (See Description Below)

You can download the app for free on Itunes @


UNIQUE INTERACTIVE IPAD BOOK Featuring a dozen Photoshop Masters.

Immerse yourself into the artists process and experience how their work evolves from a world without Photoshop to a world with Photoshop!

OVERVIEW: Now 20 years old, Adobe® Photoshop® software has changed image editing forever. Can you imagine a world without Photoshop? Over the next twelve chapters you can see for yourself what some of the best digital artists work looks like without the software. Then with the touch of your finger The World Without Photoshop is transformed and you can see and hear the imaginations of these artists come to life in their work. Pinch and zoom into over 48 works by artists, illustrators, designers, and photographers and get their insights into how twenty years of Photoshop innovation have changed their world.

-See and hear the artists talk about their work
-Touch their work and slide your finger to experience the artists process
-Pinch and zoom to view the fine details of the work
-Over 50 Images with artist descriptions to delve into
-Get personal insights from Fine Artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers
-Visit artists’ websites and social media pages

Click here to see a video description: The World without Photoshop App