King James!

Here are two of my Favorites from a recent shoot with LeBron James.    He was extremely cool to work with.   Open to suggestions,  took direction well and gave us plenty of time to get it done right.   Thanks LeBron!   Also special thanks to my crew who put in long hours while we waited for LeBron’s plane to land.

LeBron James!

Just booked a gig shooting a national ad campaign with Lebron James with Mullen.  Doing 7 shots with him doing various things. Can’t say much more at this point due to nondisclosure issues. Production starts next week, shooting the week of the 14th. Will post images as soon as I can!

Final New Balance Ads

As promised here are the final ads for New Balance. We shot these both in Miami. Had a great time working with the folks at Mullen on this one. Special thanks to Scott at Small Dog imageworks for rocking out on the post work again for us! Check out Scott’s Work at

Also special thanks to the guys at HG Productions for doing another great job producing this one! If you have not worked with them, give them a call. They rock out on productions and really make you shine!

Hockey Anyone?

I thought I’d post a few images from a shoot we did about a month & half ago for Dorland Global for Centocor’s drug Remicade. It was a pretty cool shoot. We flew to Edmonton Canada to shoot Fernando Pisani, (Right Winger for the Edmonton Oilers) He was really great to work with… very patient and gave us all the time we needed to get the job done right.

The biggest challenge we had was that he had recently broken his ankle and was in a cast. This meant every shot we did with his feet showing required us to shoot a stand in body double for the legs and skates in the same position and lighting. Once back in the studio, I then removed Fernando’s legs and feet in the final shot and substituted the body double’s legs and skates.